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Inslee Reveals Plan For Curbing Washington’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions

A file photo of Washington Gov. Jay Inslee at his Capitol office. The governor is proposing a carbon-trading program and other steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

by Ashley Ahearn

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee rolls out his plan to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption and expand production of clean, renewable energy. He acknowledges that opposition awaits.

Scientists Report Rare Sightings Of Tropical Species Off West Coast

by Cassandra Profita

Scientists surveying whales and dolphins on the West Coast have discovered unusual species of birds and marine mammals far north of their normal ranges.

Oso Report Assigns No Blame, Calls For Better Public Safety

by John Ryan

A new report from Washington's landslide commission makes recommendations for improving public safety in a state that is dotted with landslide-prone slopes.

Court Case Is The Latest Battle In Water Wars Of The Skagit River

by Ashley Ahearn

When Richard and Marnie Fox applied for a permit to build their dream retirement home near the Skagit River, they didn’t realize the hornets' nest of water rights history they’d stir up.

Tribes Object To Forced Opening Of ‘Sacred Mountain’ To Public

by Tom Banse

The Yakama Nation and neighboring tribes are strongly objecting to a Congressional move to offer public access to the summit of Rattlesnake Mountain, a place tribal members consider sacred.

Hearing On LNG Project In Southern Oregon Draws A Crowd

by Jes Burns

Federal regulators are holding hearings this week throughout Southern Oregon on a proposed pipeline connector and liquefied natural gas export facility in Coos Bay. The meetings have drawn crowds and conflicting opinions.

End Of Federal Timber Payments Means Leaner Times For Oregon Counties

by Jes Burns

A U.S. House spending bill did not include an allocation for the Secure Rural Schools fund, meaning counties around the Northwest could have less money for public services. Oregon will be hit the hardest.

Seattle Billionaire Steps Into Coal Fight

by Ashley Ahearn

Paul Allen is in it to win it. Not just the Super Bowl. The billionaire owner of the Seattle Seahawks is financing a lawsuit against the federal government over its policy of leasing public land to be mined for coal.

More Japanese Tsunami Debris Will Wash Up This Winter On Northwest Shores, Scientists Predict

by Jes Burns

The first large debris item has already washed ashore in Oregon, carrying with it a host of marine life from Asia. Scientists continue to worry that the non-native species will find a new home in the Pacific Northwest.

Carbon Tax Could Cut Oregon Emissions With Little Economic Harm, Study Finds

by Cassandra Profita

A new study finds a statewide carbon tax would allow Oregon to reach its emissions reduction goals with little economic harm.

Warming Ocean May Be Triggering Mega Methane Leaks Off Northwest Coast

by Ashley Ahearn

Methane, a potent greenhouse gas, is rapidly melting out of frozen underwater formations, potentially exacerbating ocean acidification and climate change.

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