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Aaron Kunz / Boise State Public Radio/Idaho Public Television

Job Title

EarthFix journalist based in Boise, Idaho


Aaron Kunz has been in the broadcast business since 1993, when he got his first job as a weekend overnight board operator at an FM radio station in Blackfoot, Idaho. After a break from the media when he served in the Army, Aaron progressed up the ranks at the station in Blackfoot and was eventually promoted to production director. He later worked as a producer and host at the Idaho News Network.

Aaron began his television news career in 2000, starting as a weekend photographer in Idaho Falls before advancing as a full-time photographer. Aaron did his first live shot as a TV reporter on Sept. 11, 2001. A short time later he was picked to temporarily fill a vacancy on an Idaho Falls station’s morning show as co-host, producer, and weather forecaster. Aaron went on to oversee the show’s operations while also working in front of the cameras. Aaron eventually transitioned to work as a field reporter, as well as a weekend news producer. Aaron won a national reporting award from the National Association of Conservation Districts for his series on Eastern Idaho farmers who were finding ways to make their operations better for the environment while improving their crops. Aaron eventually became his station’s political reporter, covering the Idaho Legislature and political campaigns.

In his free time, Aaron is a natural light photographer and loves taking nature photos but also takes pictures of kids and adults in his free time. Aaron is also a fan of competitive three gun shooting and is slowly making his entry into competition. He also spends a lot of time at home with his wife Heather and toddler Maya on the weekends.


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