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Amelia Templeton / OPB

Job Title

EarthFix journalist, based in Medford, Oregon

What I cover

Farming, forestry, and Southern Oregon.


Amelia grew up in Portland. She got her journalism start at Swarthmore College, reporting for a podcast. She spent several years working as an advocate for refugees in Washington, D.C. and the Middle East.

Amelia returned to the Pacific Northwest, and to reporting, in 2009. She has roamed from northern California to Wyoming producing stories for OPB, National Public Radio, Marketplace, and the Northwest News Network.

This year she stared exploring documentary film and photography and convinced a bison to snort into her microphone. Amelia is a committed backpacker. She likes larch trees, salal, and eelgrass. She does not like poison oak. Her favorite food is croutons.


email | desk 541-779-0808 x222 | cell 503-752-2388 | twitter | facebook | google+

Recent Articles:

Oregon Will Tap Catastrophic Insurance Policy To Cover Firefighting Costs

July 30, 2014

State Investigation Finds Violations in Southern Oregon Pesticide Case

April 8, 2014

Investigative Documents Show Pilot Failed To Disclose Herbicides Used On Timberland

April 7, 2014

New Information Released In Southern Oregon Chemical Spraying Case

April 4, 2014

Oregon Attorney General Orders Release of Pesticide Investigation Records

March 24, 2014

EarthFix Conversations: The Case For Carnivore Conservation

Jan. 9, 2014

How A 3-D Printer Is Helping Preserve A Saber-Toothed Salmon

Jan. 6, 2014

EPA Proposes Standards For Cleaner Burning Wood Stoves

Jan. 3, 2014

Endangered Species Act Turns 40: A Look At 3 Interesting Debates

Dec. 27, 2013

Tree Sitters Don’t Buy Logging Designed To Mimic Nature

Dec. 23, 2013

Officials In U.S. Stumped By China's Claim Of Tainted Northwest Shellfish

Dec. 13, 2013

FDA Will End Some Uses of Antibiotics On Farms

Dec. 11, 2013

Top Officials OK Sale Of Oregon State Forestland To Private Buyers

Dec. 10, 2013

Cold Snap Brings Unhealthy Air To Klamath Falls

Dec. 9, 2013

Reports of Christmas Tree Disease in Oregon Have Been Exaggerated

Dec. 5, 2013

Biomass Proposal in Lakeview Sparks Concern Over Particulate Pollution

Dec. 4, 2013

Tribes And Ranchers Strike Klamath Water Deal

Dec. 2, 2013

Wyden’s O&C Forest Bill Attempts To Balance Logging And Conservation

Nov. 26, 2013

How An Expanding Coastal Golf Resort Could Lead To an Eastern Oregon State Park

Nov. 20, 2013

China's Building Boom Revives Northwest Log Export Debate

Nov. 13, 2013

EarthFix Conversations: What Chinese Demand For Logs Means For NW Mills

Nov. 12, 2013

5 Unexpected Ways Climate Change Will Impact the Northwest

Nov. 5, 2013

What Climate Change Means For Northwest's Rivers, Coasts and Forests

Nov. 4, 2013

Export Terminal in Newport Would Route Log Trucks Past Condos

Oct. 28, 2013

NW Researcher Says Toxic Algae Have A Competitive Edge

Oct. 24, 2013

Wyden Promises Accountability For Hiring Discrimination At BPA

Oct. 18, 2013

THIN ICE: Climate Science Beneath A Mount Hood Glacier

Oct. 4, 2013

THIN ICE: Exploring Mount Hood's Glacier Caves

Oct. 3, 2013

Glacier Caving Caution

Oct. 2, 2013

White House Threatens To Veto Forest Bill

Sept. 18, 2013

This Is Your Bill ... For Fighting Wildfires

Sept. 11, 2013

Vanishing Northwest Frog Proposed For Endangered Species Protection

Aug. 28, 2013

Aging Mobile Homes Burden The Grid And Their Owners

Aug. 19, 2013

New Law: No More Than 850 Gold-Mining Dredges Allowed in Oregon's Rivers

Aug. 15, 2013

Rafters May See Firefighting On Reopened Rogue River

Aug. 12, 2013

Wildfire Smoke in Southern Oregon Leads to Emergency Room Visits

Aug. 8, 2013

Wildfire Smoke in Southern Oregon Triggers Health Problems

Aug. 5, 2013

Wildfires On Private Forests Press Loggers Into Firefighting Duty

July 30, 2013

What 3.6 Degrees Means for Snowpack In The Western Cascades

July 25, 2013

Wildlife Officials Move Ahead With Killing Barred Owls

July 23, 2013

Report: Oregon’s CO2 Emissions Are Leveling Off

July 22, 2013

Do Mountain Bikes Belong On Mountain Slopes?

July 10, 2013

Water Commission Approves Temporary Rules For Klamath Water Use

July 2, 2013

Mt. Hood Climber Had Strayed From Route Before Fatal Accident

July 2, 2013

Wyden: Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement Costs Too Much

June 21, 2013

Wyden Includes $330 Million Aid To Timber Counties in Helium Bill

June 18, 2013

Senate Will Discuss Klamath Water Conflict As Irrigation Shutoffs Continue

June 18, 2013

PacifiCorp Offers To Draw Down Reservoirs to Alleviate Klamath Water Shortage

June 14, 2013

How Scientists Test for Genetically Modified Wheat

May 31, 2013

Japan Halts Some Wheat Imports After Oregon GMO Discovery

May 30, 2013

Genetically Modified Wheat Found In Oregon Could Hurt Exports

May 29, 2013

New Head Of Interior Adjusts To New Role

May 24, 2013

Jewell Makes First NW Return As Interior Secretary

May 23, 2013

Poll: Oregonians Favor Limited Logging Approach

May 21, 2013

Enviros Say Not So Fast To Mountain Biking At Mount Hood's Timberline

May 16, 2013

After 90 Years A Southern Oregon Mill Shuts Down

April 19, 2013

Suction Dredge Mining Ban Advances In Oregon Senate

April 17, 2013

Conservation Group: Oregon And Idaho Rivers Among Nation's 'Most Endangered'

April 17, 2013

Carbon Controversy: Should The Northwest Grow Markets For Forest Biofuels?

April 15, 2013

House Takes Up Proposals to Raise Revenue Through Logging

April 7, 2013

Interior Concludes Best Choice For Klamath Is Dam Removal

April 4, 2013

Courts Allow Coastal Oregon County to Withdraw Approval for LNG Pipeline

March 29, 2013

Oregon Representative Proposes Tax Measure To Discourage Log Exports

March 27, 2013

Inslee, Kitzhaber Push Emissions Accounting For Northwest Coal Exports

March 25, 2013

Draft Bill Would Return Forest Land to Western Oregon Tribes

March 21, 2013

Q&A: What The Supreme Court Logging Roads Ruling Means

March 20, 2013

Leaving Behind Logging Debris Could Help Fight Invasive Weeds

March 15, 2013

Wandering Wolf Returns to Oregon After a Year in California

March 13, 2013

Coal Export Terminal Faces Setback On South Oregon Coast

March 8, 2013

After 38 Years, Oregon Backs Tribes’ Water Right in the Klamath Basin

March 7, 2013

Coal Is 'Just Business' To Couple In The Tourism Trade

March 7, 2013

Demand for Western Lumber Increases, But Log Supply is Tight

March 5, 2013

Klamath County Deals Political Setback to Dam Removal Plan

Feb. 27, 2013

Logging Plan Next To Crater Lake Draws Opposition

Feb. 27, 2013

Should the US Export Natural Gas? Wyden Leads Sharp Senate Debate

Feb. 12, 2013

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Files New Lawsuit In Oregon

Feb. 11, 2013

Interior Investigating Possible Coal Royalty Dodge

Feb. 8, 2013

Kitzhaber Panel Weighs Options for Increasing Logging in Western Oregon

Feb. 7, 2013

Sequester Could Take Bite Of Payment To Oregon Timber Counties

Feb. 7, 2013

For Northwest Brewers, 'It's (Still) The Water'

Feb. 5, 2013

Environmental Groups Seek Ban of Common Pesticide

Feb. 1, 2013

Oregon Picks Four Spots For Wave And Offshore Wind Energy

Jan. 25, 2013

EPA Criticizes Clean-Up Study For Portland Harbor Superfund Site

Jan. 24, 2013

Departing Interior Secretary Leaves Big Northwest Footprint

Jan. 16, 2013

10 Things To Know About Leasing Coal On Public Land

Jan. 14, 2013

Wyden Questions Whether Big Coal Is Fleecing Taxpayers

Jan. 11, 2013

Southern Oregon County Will Consider GM Crop Ban In 2014

Jan. 10, 2013

Oregon Ranchers Still Waiting for Aid Six Months After Fires

Jan. 9, 2013

Oregon Scientists Claim Federal Agency Censored Them

Jan. 7, 2013

Northwest Biotech Firms Will Benefit From Algae Biofuel Tax Credit

Jan. 4, 2013

Congress Gives New Life To Clean Energy Tax Credits

Jan. 2, 2013

Coast Guard Says No Sign of Fuel Leak From Grounded Boat Near Coos Bay

Jan. 2, 2013

Klamath Basin Farmers and Tribes Extend Water Deal For Two More Years

Dec. 31, 2012

A Safe Sex Campaign To Help Endangered Species

Dec. 24, 2012

New Study: Threatened Northwest Seabird Numbers Drop 30 Percent

Dec. 21, 2012

Map: Where's the Geothermal Energy in Oregon?

Dec. 20, 2012

Field Notes: Planting Cloned Redwoods In A Clear-cut With Archangel Ancient Tree Archive

Dec. 18, 2012

Seattle Firm Wins Grant To Build Offshore Wind Platform

Dec. 12, 2012

Mount Hood Thinning Project Not Green Enough For Opponent

Dec. 11, 2012

6 Things You Should Know About The Economics of Natural Gas Exports

Dec. 5, 2012

EPA Rule On Logging Road Runoff Throws Curveball At Supreme Court

Dec. 3, 2012

What's In The Ore. Governor's Budget Plan: The Environment Edition

Nov. 30, 2012

LIDAR Reveals Subtle Ripples in the Forest Near Crater Lake

Nov. 30, 2012

In The High Desert, A Sustainable Mill Targets A Thirsty Tree

Nov. 21, 2012

Deadline Approaches For Klamath Restoration Deal

Nov. 19, 2012

Study: Changing Climate + Grazing Cattle = Bad Combo

Nov. 14, 2012

Exploring The Undammed White Salmon River, At Last

Nov. 14, 2012

Undammed White Salmon River Opens To Paddlers

Nov. 12, 2012

Appeals Court Hears Challenge to Idaho Roadless Rule

Nov. 9, 2012

Sen. Wyden Poised To Chair Energy, Natural Resources Committee

Nov. 9, 2012

Oregon Vineyard Fertilizes With Help From the Hippo Next Door

Nov. 7, 2012

Mountain Meadows Dwindling In The Pacific Northwest

Nov. 2, 2012

Oregon Fishing Town Crippled By Federal Cuts To Port Maintenance

Oct. 31, 2012

How a Nickel Mining Venture Brought An Invasive Flower to Oregon

Oct. 24, 2012

EarthFix Poll: Do NW Residents Care About Stormwater?

Oct. 17, 2012

Steller Sea Lions Are Putting The Bite On Columbia Sturgeon

Oct. 15, 2012

Governor Appoints Panel On Timber Counties Funding

Oct. 11, 2012

Northwest Wildfires Have Burned Record Number of Acres In 2012

Oct. 8, 2012

Poll Shows Strong Support For Wave Energy on Oregon Coast

Sept. 27, 2012

Conservationists Want More Water in Klamath for Migrating Birds

Sept. 24, 2012

Keeping Drugs Out of Northwest Waters

Sept. 12, 2012

Unexplained Hoof Disease Spreads Quickly In Washington Elk

Sept. 6, 2012

Five Keys To The Pacific Northwest's Natural Gas Export Debate

Sept. 4, 2012

Invasive Species Risk Keeps Divers Out Of Crater Lake

Aug. 29, 2012

Comment Period Extended for Southern Oregon LNG Export Proposal

Aug. 28, 2012

Feds Fund Effort To Cool Northwest Waters With Credit Trading

Aug. 24, 2012

Oregon Reports One Horse Killed By West Nile Virus

Aug. 23, 2012

Clean Water Act's Next Role Could Play Out On NW Logging Roads

Aug. 15, 2012

Clean Water: The Next Act - Pollution In The Woods

Aug. 14, 2012

Northwest Representatives Push Clean Water Exemption for Logging Roads

Aug. 1, 2012

Southeast Oregon Ranchers Could Get Aid From Drought Bill

Aug. 1, 2012

Rainwater Reservoirs Net Jail Time For Oregon Man

July 26, 2012

Survey Finds Support For Coal Transport Through NW

July 25, 2012

Ranchers Struggle In The Aftermath Of Fires

July 18, 2012

Oregon Ranchers Size Up Their Wildfire Losses

July 15, 2012

The Importance of Burls and 4 Other Surprises From The Biscuit Fire

July 12, 2012

Oregon Coastal Port Is Rapidly Filling With Sand

July 3, 2012

Conservationists Say Thinning On Federal Lands Could Provide Steady Timber Supply

July 2, 2012

Environmental Groups Say It Will Take 20 Years To Thin Northwest Forests

June 27, 2012

Supreme Court To Decide If Logging Road Runoff Is Pollution

June 25, 2012

How Logging Road Pollution Landed on The Supreme Court Docket

June 25, 2012

Oregon Proposes Fishing Rules for Marine Reserves

June 18, 2012

Northwest Residents Opt For DIY Pesticide Testing

June 7, 2012

In A Cascade Marsh, A Summer Sight: Nesting Sandhill Cranes

June 4, 2012

Court Orders Forest Service To Regulate Gold Mining In Salmon Streams

June 1, 2012

Supreme Court Advised To Pass On Oregon Logging Roads Case

May 31, 2012

Tribe Wants End To Short-Term Klamath Dam Relicensing

May 29, 2012

Early Snowmelt Could Spell Water Shortage for Klamath Farmers

May 22, 2012

Ring Of Fire Eclipse Brushes The Northwest

May 21, 2012

In Ashland, A Crime Lab For 34,000 Species

May 20, 2012

Six Easy Ways to Watch the 2012 Solar Eclipse

May 18, 2012

Fix Your Coordinates: Southern Oregon's Wildflower Gardens

May 9, 2012

Strange Wildflowers Thrive In Harsh Siskiyou Soils

May 9, 2012

Fired Scientist Returns With Doubts About Klamath Dam Removal

May 7, 2012

BPA Orders NW Wind Farms to Curtail Production

April 30, 2012

Feds Back Down From Plans To Close E. Oregon Forest Roads

April 18, 2012

How EarthFix Identified The Coos Coal Export Negotiators

April 18, 2012

How Coal Helped Build The Port of Coos Bay

April 18, 2012

International Investors Want In On Oregon Coast Coal Terminal

April 18, 2012

How Barred Owls Win The Fight For Forest and Food

April 12, 2012

Researchers Say Wolves Help Plants By Eating Deer, Elk

April 11, 2012

Forest Service To Buy Parcels in the Northwest

April 6, 2012

Coos Bay Rail Needs Overhaul To Handle Coal

April 4, 2012

Future of Third LNG Proposal for Oregon Coast In Question

March 29, 2012

Pipeline, Terminal Would Export Natural Gas From Coos Bay

March 28, 2012

Water Will Flow To Southern Oregon Farms

March 26, 2012

For Klamath Tribes, Suckerfish Mean Renewed Life

March 26, 2012

Avian Cholera Plagues Waterfowl In Klamath Basin Refuge

March 26, 2012

Interstate 5 Goes Electric From Canadian Border to California State Line

March 16, 2012

Chorus Frog May Carry A Deadly Infection

March 16, 2012

Walden: GOP Leaders Back Timber Payment Extension

March 14, 2012

Spotted Owl Plan Calls For Shotguns, Logging And Private Land Restrictions

Feb. 28, 2012

Secretary Salazar Visits Oregon to Promote Ecological Timber Sales

Feb. 21, 2012

Two House Bills Would Direct Forest Funds to Cash-Strapped Counties

Feb. 16, 2012

Watch Local Focus: Dollars & Trees

Feb. 14, 2012

Why Mt. Hood Never Erupts With A Bang

Feb. 13, 2012

Televised Forum on Oregon Forest Plan Produces Sparks

Feb. 7, 2012

DeFazio, Walden Push Plan, Not Details, For More Logging

Jan. 26, 2012

Does Mount St. Helens Have Lessons for an Oregon Logging Experiment?

Jan. 12, 2012

6 Things You Should Know About the Triangle Lake Pesticide Investigation

Jan. 5, 2012

Coast Range Community Receives Lab Results From Pesticide Investigation

Jan. 2, 2012

Field Notes: In Oregon's Cascades, A Lone Wolf

Dec. 15, 2011

More Coal Is On The Northwest Grid Than You Think

Dec. 9, 2011

Thinking 'Climate Change' While You Shop

Dec. 8, 2011

Department of Energy Gives Jordan Cove License to Export Natural Gas

Dec. 7, 2011

How A Tiny Fungus is Starving Coastal Douglas Fir Trees

Nov. 17, 2011

A Guide to Haze in the Columbia River Gorge

Nov. 16, 2011

Friends of the Gorge: Pollution Plan Won't Clear the Air

Nov. 14, 2011

Merkley Senate Bill Would Authorize Klamath Dam Removal

Nov. 10, 2011

Vulnerable Trees of the Northwest: A Future Field Guide

Nov. 3, 2011

Collared Wolf in Oregon Cascades Could Lead Scientists To Others

Nov. 1, 2011

Judge Upholds Pesticide Limits in West Coast Salmon Streams

Oct. 31, 2011

Spotted Owl in Bend Dies, Leaving a Large Family Behind

Oct. 28, 2011

OSU Study: Woody Biomass Not a Good Substitute For Fossil Fuels

Oct. 23, 2011

Canada Struggles to Breed Spotted Owls in Captivity

Oct. 21, 2011

Logging Oregon's Elliott State Forest: Five Things You Should Know

Oct. 11, 2011

Searching in Streams For Oregon's Aquatic Mushroom

Oct. 5, 2011

Fix Your Coordinates: Spotting Aquatic Mushrooms

Oct. 5, 2011

Marbled Murrelet Will Make Do With Less Habitat

Oct. 4, 2011

Southern Oregon Landowners Object To Plans to Export Natural Gas

Sept. 23, 2011

Pipeline Rep says Benefits of LNG Export Terminal "Remain To Be Seen"

Sept. 23, 2011

Congress Must Approve Klamath Dam Deal by March

Sept. 22, 2011

Biologists Move Threatened Chinook As Condit Dam Comes Down

Sept. 20, 2011

Klamath Falls Housing Added to Superfund List

Sept. 15, 2011

Feds To Release Key Studies on Klamath River Dam Removal

Sept. 14, 2011

China Snaps Up Logs From The Northwest

Sept. 1, 2011

Bend Museum Shows Off the Wild Side of Its Captive Birds

Aug. 30, 2011

Capturing Sounds and Silence at Crater Lake

Aug. 29, 2011

Field Notes: From Mexico to Canada, in Time for 6th Grade

Aug. 18, 2011

Slideshow: On Your Mark, Get Set... Paint!

Aug. 12, 2011

Oregon Irrigators Embrace Hydropower

Aug. 5, 2011

Young Oregon Farmers Bring Back the Draft Horse

July 28, 2011

Conifers Drink Lightly In Wet Northwest Winters

July 25, 2011

Scientists Scramble to Save Crater Lake’s Whitebark Pine

July 25, 2011

Klamath's Dam Fine Summer Whitewater Might Go Slack

July 18, 2011

Fix Your Coordinates: Rafting Southern Oregon and Northern California

July 17, 2011

Congress Debates Future of County Timber Payments

July 13, 2011

Fish and Wildlife Service Will Tackle Species Backlog

July 12, 2011

Feds Settle Lawsuit Over Forests' Spiders, Snails

July 8, 2011

Map: Spotted Owl on the Decline

June 30, 2011

Klamath Basin's Solar-Powered Potato Chips

June 15, 2011

One Last Ride Into a Northwest Forest Canopy

June 13, 2011