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Latest EarthFix Headlines

Sept. 12, 2014

Vancouver City Council Passes Oil Moratorium

The Vancouver City Council has approved an emergency six-month moratorium on new or expanded facilities that would accept crude oil.

Sept. 11, 2014

West Coast Leads Surge in Electric Cars

In all three West Coast states, transportation accounts for the largest share of climate-changing greenhouse gases. And all three states are trying to boost the number of zero-emission vehicles on their roads.

Groups Sue Over Oil Shipments In Older Rail Cars

Environmental groups are suing the U.S. Department of Transportation over the shipment of volatile crude oil in older railroad tank cars.

Wildfires Burned 567 Square Miles In Washington

Wildfires this summer in Washington have burned about 567 square miles. Last year wildfires burned about 156 square miles in the state.

Sept. 10, 2014

Workers Enter One Of Hanford Nuclear Reservation’s Most Dangerous Rooms

Workers have entered one of the most dangerous rooms at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

Scientists Say Large Wildfires Are Likely Here To Stay

As the fire season in the Northwest winds down for this year, scientists warn that with climate change, megafires will be the new normal in the Northwest.

Sept. 9, 2014

New Fishing Rule Protects Endangered Seabird

Federal fisheries managers are proposing to require West Coast commercial fishermen to tow long lines of fluttering plastic to scare off seabirds trying to steal the bait.

Groups Plan To Sue Over Feds’ Wildlife-Killing Tactics In Idaho

Four environmental groups say they will sue the federal Wildlife Services program to stop what they call the unlawful killing of wildlife in Idaho.

Disease Kills More than 100 Deer In Southern Oregon

The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Department says tests confirm that deer in southern Oregon's Roseburg area are dying from a disease not previously seen in deer in that part of the state.

Sept. 8, 2014

Indoor Marijuana Growers Create Big Demand For Northwest Energy

Power planners are studying how much indoor marijuana growing could increase the demand for electricity in the Pacific Northwest.