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Latest EarthFix Headlines

April 9, 2014

Federal Government Blazes Ahead On Comprehensive Fire Management Plan

A new national strategy for preventing and fighting wildfires has been announced by the federal government in response to increasingly costly firefighting seasons in the West. Rather than waiting for wildfires to take hold, the new strategy emphasizes restoring forests and rangelands while stabilizing funding.

Groups Negotiate To End Megaloads Lawsuit

Idaho Rivers United and the Nez Perce Tribe are in mediation with the U.S. Forest Service to end a lawsuit concerning megaloads on U.S. Highway 12 in northern Idaho.

Washington Gophers Going On Endangered Species List

The Fish and Wildlife Service announced plans Tuesday to list four subspecies of Mazama pocket gophers as threatened under the Endangered Species Act.

The Ultimate Reuse: Shipping Containers For Buildings

Seattle is home to millions of used shipping containers, many of which get scrapped every year. Starbucks has launched a project to salvage some of these containers and use them as buildings for drive-through coffee shops.

Rupture Caused E. Washington Natural Gas Explosion

A Northwest Pipeline official says a pressure vessel rupture caused the March 31 natural gas explosion that injured five people and forced an evacuation at Plymouth in Eastern Washington.

April 8, 2014

State Investigation Finds Violations in Southern Oregon Pesticide Case

A helicopter spraying herbicides in Curry County last fall allowed chemicals to get onto neighboring properties in violation of pesticide law, according to an Oregon Department of Agriculture investigation announced Tuesday.

The Wetland That Saved Highway 101 From Flooding

A newly restored wetland on Oregon's north coast is acting as a natural sponge for the floodwaters that usually overtake U.S. Highway 101 during heavy rains.

April 7, 2014

New Rules For Commercial Composting In Portland: Food Only

The agency that oversees food waste collection in the Portland metro area is restricting what businesses can compost in Portland to food scraps; biodegradable plates, utensils or napkins won't be allowed in the compost bins.

Investigative Documents Show Pilot Failed To Disclose Herbicides Used On Timberland

The helicopter pilot at the center of an aerial herbicide-spraying controversy in Southern Oregon applied a far wider variety of toxic chemicals than what he originally reported, according to documents.

Silicon Forest’ Could Gain New Meaning With High-Tech Uses For Trees

Scientists at Oregon State University may have discovered a new high-tech use for the state’s abundant forests: the trees could play a big role in making energy storage devices.