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Latest EarthFix Headlines

July 16, 2014

Oregon Nickel Mine Proposal Runs Into Stiff Opposition

A Britain-based company is making preliminary moves that could lead to a 4,000-acre open-pit nickel mine being established in the headwaters of the Smith and Illinois Rivers in southwest Oregon.

Park Closed After 200 Get Sick After Swimming At Kitsap County Lake

A popular park in Kitsap County is closed through Friday after more than 200 people reported becoming sick after swimming in the lake over the weekend.

July 15, 2014

Groups Seek Ban Of Older Oil Train Tankers

Two environmental groups are asking the U.S. Department of Transportation to immediately ban shipments of volatile crude oil in older railroad tank cars, citing recent explosive oil train wrecks and the department's own findings that those accidents pose an "imminent hazard."

Feds Phase Out Bee-Harming Pesticides In Northwest Wildlife Refuges

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service plans to eliminate the use of bee-harming pesticides on wildlife refuges in the Pacific region by 2016.

Wildfire Destroys Homes, Burns More than 2,000 Acres In South-Central Oregon

The Moccasin Hill wildfire has burned about 2,500 acres and destroyed up to 20 homes, forcing residents to seek shelter while waiting for federal aid to arrive.

Feds To Remove Fewer Wild Horses From Western Rangelands This Year

The federal Bureau of Land Management plans to capture and remove fewer wild horses from Western rangelands this summer. An agency statement blames budget constraints and already-full holding pens.

July 14, 2014

Influence Game: Shaping Railroad Safety Rules

A string of fiery train derailments across the country has triggered a high-stakes but behind-the-scenes campaign to shape how the government responds to calls for tighter safety rules.

Pipeline Infrastructure Struggles To Keep Up With Oil And Gas Boom

Most of the natural gas and oil produced in the U.S. makes its way to refineries and processing plants along the nation's pipeline infrastructure, but it is no longer keeping up with the task.

What’s Killing Clams? Solve This Low Tide Mystery

One of the lowest tides of the year this weekend revealed a "crime scene" at a Seattle beach. The victims: thousands of clams that died in the prime of their lives. Each bivalve victim has a tiny hole drilled near its hinge.

Lottery Winner Fined For Illegal Land Clearing On San Juan Island

Washington state officials have fined a Virginia man $79,000 for illegal clearing of a San Juan Island shoreline.