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Latest EarthFix Headlines

Aug. 7, 2014

BC Mine Dam Break Threatens Northwest Fisheries

A dam break at a central British Columbia mine could threaten salmon fisheries in the Pacific Northwest.

Report: Banned Toxic PCB Still Showing Up In Everyday Products

New testing shows low levels of a banned toxic chemical are still showing up in a variety of everyday products including paints, newspapers, magazines and cardboard food packaging.

Fatal Attraction: Ospreys In A Bind With Baling Twine, Fishing Line

Osprey nests are a common sight in the Northwest. If you look closely with binoculars, you might notice some of these large raptors line their nests with discarded baling twine or fishing line. The problem is it can kill them.

Northwest Considers Multi-State Approach To Federal Carbon Rules

Power planners in the Northwest are considering a multi-state approach to federal carbon reduction rules.

Wildfire No Problem For Oregon Wolf Pack

The Oregon Gulch wildfire is burning within several miles of where a pack of wolves lives in southern Oregon, but the state Department of Fish and Wildlife says they are not threatened.

Aug. 6, 2014

Oregon Governor Says Wildfires Point To Need For Forest Thinning

Oregon's governor follows his tour of the state's largest wildfire by calling for Congress pay for forest health projects that would thin overgrown forests and reduce future fire danger.

Mount Rainier’s Climate Change Butterfly Effect

A Western Washington University professor is monitoring butterfly populations in the alpine meadows of Mount Rainier National Park to help track how they are affected by climate change.

Aug. 5, 2014

Irrigation Cut Off At Some Klamath Project Farms

Irrigation water is being cut off at about a third of the farms on a federal irrigation project in the drought-parched upper Klamath Basin of Oregon and California.

Columbia Gorge Commission Sounds Alarm On Coal, Oil Transport

The Columbia River Gorge Commission has passed a resolution against the transport of coal and crude oil along the river that divides Washington and Oregon.

Video: How Ready Are Portland Firefighters For An Oil Train Derailment?

If an oil train were to derail, Portland firefighters say they're not equipped for a major spill, fire, or explosion along the lines of last year's Lac-Megantic explosion in Quebec, Canada.