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Latest EarthFix Headlines

July 8, 2014

Coastal County Tries Tax Gambit To Stop Recreation Fees

Grays Harbor County, Washington, is the first county in the Northwest to strike back against pricey recreation permits now being required by some large timber companies.

Activists Arrested At Protest Of Eugene Biomass Plant

Three people were arrested at a protest Monday at the Seneca-Jones Biomass plant in north Eugene. The Lane County Sheriff's Office says about 100 people gathered outside the facility to oppose the biomass operation and the company's plans to log old growth trees in southwest Oregon.

July 7, 2014

Poll: More Northwest Residents Support Coal Export

More people in the Northwest support coal export terminals than oppose them. Those are the results of a new survey.

Euthanized Cougar In Portland Reawakens Regional Debate

A decision by state officials to euthanize a cougar in east Portland last week is drawing criticism from some wildlife experts – and raising questions on how concerned residents should be.

Cougar Killed After Capture In Portland Backyard

Oregon wildlife officials have euthanized a cougar that was captured in the backyard of a Portland home.

Most Northwest Residents Say They Want Labeling For Genetically Modified Food

Oregon voters will likely decide in November whether the state should require the labeling of genetically engineered foods.

July 3, 2014

3 Oil Trains Travel Through Oregon Each Week

Newly released documents show that three trains are hauling oil from North Dakota each week to a Columbia River shipping terminal in northwestern Oregon.

A Northwest Utility Steps Back From Coal, Pivots To Natural Gas

Well before the Obama administration’s latest push to curb coal plant emissions, some utility companies were turning from coal to natural gas. Exhibit A: Portland General Electric is building a natural gas plant next to a coal plant that will soon shut down.

July 2, 2014

Lawsuit Over Air Pollution Permits Targets Oregon Oil Terminal

The operator of an oil-shipping terminal near Clatskanie in Northwest Oregon is being sued by environmental groups that say the facility lacks the proper permits and is doing environmental harm to local communities.

Rail Workers Raise Doubts About Safety Culture As Oil Trains Roll On

BNSF Railway now hauls nearly 20 trains per week of crude oil through the Pacific Northwest. Railroad workers and industry experts say that while railroads have gotten safer over the years, a culture remains that silences whistleblowers and prioritizes speed over safety.