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Latest EarthFix Headlines

Sept. 25, 2014

Airline Biofuel Plant Announced For Southeast Oregon

A Colorado company plans to supply biofuel to Southwest Airlines and to the military beginning in 2016.

Media Vow To Fight Rule Requiring Permit To Film On Public Land

The U.S. Forest Service is developing a rule that would let it decide whether the media could film or take photos in wilderness areas.

Sept. 24, 2014

Another Reason To Move To The Northwest: Hardly Any ‘Environmental Hazards’

A new report ranks counties in Oregon and Washington as having the fewest man-made environmental hazards in the country.

Sept. 23, 2014

Going For Launch With The Salmon Cannon

Salmon may soon have a faster way to make it around dams. There’s a new technology that’s being developed to transport hatchery fish in the Northwest. It’s called the salmon cannon -- yes, you read that right.

Seattle To Fine Residents For Not Composting

The Seattle City Council unanimously passed a new rule Monday governing what residents put in your garbage bin.

Parked Oil Trains Block Access To Everett Beach

Long trains usually hauling coal or oil have been parked for hours on a spur near the Port of Everett, blocking what has been easy access to Pigeon Creek Beach.

Simpson Lumber Company Offered For Sale

Simpson Lumber Co. says it has hired a consultant to explore a sale.

Portland Wins International Climate Leadership Award

The city of Portland is one of nine cities worldwide to receive an international City Climate Leadership Award.

Sept. 22, 2014

Ocean Winds Responsible For Climate Change In The Northwest, Study Says

The vast majority of scientific literature suggests that human activity is to blame for climate change. But a controversial new study challenges that science – in the Northwest anyway.

Biologists Try To Figure Out Large Fall Chinook Runs

This year’s fall chinook migration is expected to be one of the largest in recent years. Researchers aren’t sure exactly why fall chinook have made such a big comeback.