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Podcast: On Coal And Ocean Acidification

Utility staff and consultants conducting duct leakage tests at a home in North Central Washington for a couple who said they were able to cut their energy bill while making their home warmer and cozier.

by EarthFix

In this week’s podcast, find out how old-fashioned insulation and high-tech thermostats can warm you up while drivving down your energy bill. And hear how global environmental trends — burning coal and acidifying oceans — are hitting home in the Northwest.

Podcast: Talking Turkey, Paddling and Courtrooms

The turkeys Kendra Kimbirauskas raises on her farm in Colton, Ore., are heritage breed and raised in a pasture where they can chase insects and roost in trees. In the podcast, Ashley Ahearn and Cassandra Profita talk sustainable Thanksgiving meals.

by EarthFix

In this week’s podcast, we go behind the scenes on a first descent of the newly-undammed White Salmon River in Washington. Also, in celebration of turkey day, we poke fun at Portlandia and their heritage hand-fed chickens.

Podcast: Elections Round-Up, Hippo Poop And More

by EarthFix

Host Ashley Ahearn and Brendon Cechovic, executive director of the Washington Conservation Voters, give a post-election run down on the various races and initiatives in the Northwest - and how the environment fared. Also news updates on wind industry jobs, coal exports and hippo poop.

Podcast: A Nickel-Mining Invasive Plant, Ports’ Decreasing Air Pollution, And More

Suzanne Vautier pulls an alyssum plant growing on the banks of the Ilinois River. The species escaped the fields where it was planted. Starting in 2002, a company planted this variety of alyssum as part of a nickel mining venture.

by EarthFix

A look at Amelia Templeton’s reporting on the invasive yellow tuft alyssum plant. We’ve also got stories about reducing air emissions at Northwest ports, climate change and salmon, hunting rights on the ballot in Idaho and more.

Podcast: A Clean Water Act Birthday Episode - Behind The Scenes Reporting On Stormwater

Diver Laura James says, “I see Puget Sound and our oceans as a reflection of us. They’re a reflection our humanity. And the storm drains are a conduit of our humanity running in there.”

by EarthFix

This week marked the actual 40th birthday of the Clean Water Act. As a special birthday treat, go behind the scenes as host Ashley Ahearn talks with EarthFix teammate and documentary filmmaker Katie Campbell about her awesome stormwater video and how she approached this tricky subject with an eye for stimulating visual storytelling.

Podcast: Concerns About Possible End To Wind Subsidies, Coal Export Update, Spawning Salmon Post-Wildfire And More

by EarthFix

This week EarthFix brings you stories about coal export plans in the Northwest, wildfires and spawning salmon, energy-efficient football fans and threats to wind subsidies.

Podcast: Wash. Gubernatorial Candidates On The Environment, Northwest Sewage Problems, Energy News And More

Harrington, Wash. has struggled to meet the Clean Water Act's requirements for sewage treatment. The town of 420 residents is paying back $1.5 million borrowed to build a wastewater plant in 2005. Harrington's lagoon where treated wastewater is stored.

by EarthFix

This week find out who’s the greener of the Washington gubernatorial candidates. We’ve also got the latest on fracking in Idaho, threats to the Roadless Rule - and the next installment in our series Clean Water: The Next Act. We’ll introduce you to one small-town mayor who’s taking care of some dirty business.

Podcast: Recording Orcas, Nitrate Contamination From Dairies, Coal Exports And More

by EarthFix

Take a ride with scientists as they try to unlock the secret underwater lives of Puget Sound’s orcas, and find out how ship traffic might be affecting whale behavior. We’ve also got updates on wave power developments, coal exports, water pollution from dairy farms - and more.

Podcast: Suctioning Rivers For Gold; Tapping Them For Soft Drinks

by Ashley Ahearn

This week we learn how recreational mining that uses suctioning equipment on river bottoms is stirring up controversy in Idaho. And we find that a two-year-old decision to take water out of a Western Washington river for beverage production is now coming under scrutiny.

Podcast: Feminized Fish And Chemicals Escaping From Our Homes

by Ashley Ahearn

Go behind the scenes of EarthFix’s latest installment in our series “Clean Water: The Next Act.” Host Ashley Ahearn talks with Ecotrope blogger Cassandra Profita about how the chemicals and pharmaceuticals we use in our daily lives are (eep!) bringing out the feminine side in some male Puget Sound fish.

Podcast: Listening to Orcas, Testing Puget Sound And Debating Gillnet Fishing

Puget Sound looks beautiful from the top. But more than 30 scientists just completed research that found water quality problems.

by Ashley Ahearn

The EarthFix podcast takes a deep dive into the Northwest’s Water World: recording orcas underwater, gillnet fishing for salmon in the Columbia River and a look at how Puget Sound is doing when it comes to water quality.

Podcast: Energy Report - Biofuel, Windows And LNG

by EarthFix

Hear how fat algae could end up in your fuel tank, how your windows can affect your energy bills and get the latest on the proposed liquid natural gas export facility in Oregon - this week, on the EarthFix podcast.

Podcast: From Wyoming Through The Pacific Northwest To Asia, Coal Opportunities And Concerns

An aerial view of one of the largest open surface coal mines in the world in Wyoming's Powder River Basin. There are five proposals to export this coal through Northwest terminals. Aerial support provided by Chris Boyer of LightHawk.

by EarthFix, Lisa Stiffler, Rob Manning, Adam Cotterell

This week hear the sounds of Wyoming coal country, and find out how life there connects to life here in the Northwest. Host Ashley Ahearn explores the largest open pit mine in the world, visits with one rancher who’s concerned about the effects of coal mining - and then heads to Bellingham, Washington to check out the proposed site of what could one day be the largest coal export terminal on the West coast.

Podcast: The Next Act II - How Logging And Agriculture Affect Water Quality

A crew builds a new road on a Weyerhaeuser Tree Farm near Molalla. States set construction, maintenance, and placement standards for new logging roads, to control water pollution.

by EarthFix

This edition of the podcast is dedicated to the second installment of stories in our Clean Water: The Next Act series. Reporting from Oregon, Washington and Idaho, the team looks at the impact of logging and agriculture on water quality.

Podcast: The Heat Is On For Wolves, Forests And Sewage

by EarthFix

This week we’ve got stories on the changing makeup of forests in the Northwest and turning wastewater into power. Host Ashley Ahearn puts some tough questions to a Washington state wildlife official about his agency’s decision to kill a wolf in Northeastern Washington.

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