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Season Of Smoke: Changing Climate Leads To Bigger, Smokier Wildfires

By 2050, wildfire season across the western United States are expected to run a month longer and be up to twice as smoky as a result of climate change. Full Story »

Hotter Summers Mean More Health Risks In Urban Heat Islands

Climate change models are predicting hotter summers in the Northwest, and experts say the health risks from that heat are higher in places known as urban heat islands. Full Story »

Toxic Algal Blooms And Warming Waters: The Climate Connection

It only takes a slight temperature uptick to make our waters hospitable to life forms that aren't so hospitable to human health. Algal blooms are on the rise in Northwest waters, posing an increased risk for people who eat shellfish. Full Story »

How Farmworkers Experience A Warming Climate

Rising summer temperatures will particularly affect the health of people who make a living outdoors – building roads, landscaping yards and harvesting crops. Full Story »

Video: “Cellular Vampirism” - Toxic Algae Prey On Other Single-Celled Organisms Under The Microscope

Dinophysis might stand to benefit from climate change and its impacts on waters of the Northwest.

by Ashley Ahearn

Geeking out and going behind the scenes (and under the microscope) on our latest story from our new series “Symptoms Of Climate Change: Will A Warming World Make Us Sick?”

Live Chat: Reflecting On ‘Symptoms Of Climate Change’

by Toni Tabora-Roberts

Join us for a live online community chat about impacts on human health from climate change, Thursday, October 10 12-1 p.m., PDT. This is part of our multimedia series, 'Symptoms Of Climate Change: Will A Warming World Make Us Sick?'

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