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Articles tagged wildlife

Oct. 16, 2014, 10:10 p.m.

Oregon On Track To Begin Wolf Delisting Process

If Eastern Oregon's current wolf population trends continue, the state can relax protections and consider removing the species from its endangered list next year.

Oct. 16, 2014, 10:52 a.m.

Woman Fined $500 For Feeding Bears In Washington Coastal Town

A woman on trial for feeding bears in her Ilwaco neighborhood agreed Wednesday to stop to settle the case.

Sept. 29, 2014, 2:40 p.m.

Idaho Wolf, Coyote Shooting Derby Wants Larger Area

A group that overcame a court challenge last winter to hold a wolf- and coyote-shooting derby is seeking a permit from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to roughly double the area for a second event this winter.

Sept. 9, 2014, 1:34 p.m.

Groups Plan To Sue Over Feds' Wildlife-Killing Tactics In Idaho

Four environmental groups say they will sue the federal Wildlife Services program to stop what they call the unlawful killing of wildlife in Idaho.

Sept. 9, 2014, 9:44 a.m.

Disease Kills More than 100 Deer In Southern Oregon

The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Department says tests confirm that deer in southern Oregon's Roseburg area are dying from a disease not previously seen in deer in that part of the state.

Sept. 4, 2014, 11:54 a.m.

Conservation Groups Concerned Oil Spill Would Harm Wildlife

As more oil trains travel along the Columbia River and Puget Sound, conservation groups worry that cleanup plans could harm sensitive wildlife, like endangered salmon and shorebirds. that concern is prompting legal action.

Aug. 27, 2014, 11:47 a.m.

Oregon Wolf Pack One Livestock Kill From Its Limit

One of Oregon's wolf packs is one livestock attack away from becoming the first to come under a potential kill order under the state's unique rules.

Aug. 26, 2014, 1:02 p.m.

Washington Decision To Kill Wolves Stirs Controversy

The Washington department of Fish and Wildlife says its approval of killing several members of a wolf pack near Spokane came after non-lethal efforts were exhausted.

Aug. 26, 2014, 11:45 a.m.

5 Hunters Face Deer Killing Charges In Oregon

Oregon wildlife officials say five hunters are facing illegal deer killing charges after the head of a freshly killed male deer was found in a vehicle southwest of Pendleton.

Aug. 25, 2014, 9:28 a.m.

Oregon's Famous Wolf To Be Recollared

Biologists plan to recapture and re-collar OR-7, ­Oregon’s famous wandering wolf that is now a settled father of pups.

Aug. 21, 2014, 2:45 p.m.

Feds Consider Grizzly Bear Reintroduction In Washington Cascades

The National Park Service says it has launched a three-year process to determine whether to reintroduce grizzly bears into the North Cascade Mountains of Washington state.

July 31, 2014, 6:43 p.m.

Oregon Wildlife Officials Suspect Spread Of Elk Hoof Disease

Wildlife veterinarians suspect a mysterious disease that's been causing elk hoof deformities in Southwest Washington has now crossed into Oregon.

July 7, 2014, 5:29 p.m.

Euthanized Cougar In Portland Reawakens Regional Debate

A decision by state officials to euthanize a cougar in east Portland last week is drawing criticism from some wildlife experts – and raising questions on how concerned residents should be.

July 7, 2014, 8:36 a.m.

Cougar Killed After Capture In Portland Backyard

Oregon wildlife officials have euthanized a cougar that was captured in the backyard of a Portland home.

June 15, 2014, 12:11 a.m.

The Wolf At The Door: California Wrestles With A Predator’s Return

News that the Oregon wolf OR-7 has fathered pups and formed a wolf pack in the Southern Oregon Cascades contributes to the growing sense that it’s only a matter of time until wolves re-inhabit California.

June 12, 2014, 1:59 p.m.

Oregon Completes Controversial Sales Of State-Owned Coastal Forestlands

The state of Oregon has completed the sales of three parcels of public forestland to private timber companies.

June 10, 2014, 8:06 a.m.

Not Much Refuge In Klamath Basin For Migratory Birds

The nation’s original waterfowl refuge may be too dry this summer to provide much hospitality for migratory birds arriving in the Klamath Basin. _Part two in a series._

June 4, 2014, 10:53 a.m.

Wolf OR-7 Is A New Father

Just a few weeks after remote cameras captured images of the famous wandering wolf, OR-7 and his likely mate in Southern Oregon, new photographic evidence shows that the two adult wolves have had puppies.

May 30, 2014, 4:10 p.m.

Richland Natural Preserve Supporters Hope For More Study Of Planned Road

The fate of a natural preserve in south-central Washington still hangs in the balance. The City of Richland has plans to build a road through the Amon Creek Preserve, but community outcry and hours of public testimony might be forcing a change of heart.

March 26, 2014, 4:59 p.m.

How More People Buying Guns Equals More Money For Wildlife

The run on firearms last year is turning into a windfall for conservation programs in the Northwest.

March 18, 2014, 3:14 p.m.

2nd Cougar Killed Near Eugene Park

Oregon wildlife biologists have trapped and killed a second cougar near a popular park in Eugene. A trap was set for a third cougar believed to be in the area.

March 13, 2014, 1:05 p.m.

Conservationists Say They'll Sue Over Privatization Of State Forest

Conservation groups want timber companies to know they'll sue if an endangered seabird's habitat is threatened by logging. The groups object to the potential privatization of the Elliott State Forest in Oregon's Coast Range.

Feb. 13, 2014, 4:16 p.m.

Group Seeks Endangered Species Act Protection For Puffins

A conservation group wants the tufted puffin population in Oregon, Washington and California listed under the Endangered Species Act.

Feb. 5, 2014, 3:55 p.m.

Live Trapping Often Results In Death For Wild Horses

Critics have long considered roundups of mustangs by helicopter as inhumane. But an OPB investigation shows that the alternative results in the same rate of death for horses rounded up in Oregon.

Dec. 9, 2013, 8:03 p.m.

Support Grows For An Ancient Method Of Managing Wild Lands

A new partnership between the Nature Conservancy and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is the latest indication that the ancient practice of prescribed burning is continuing to find favor as a way to help wildlife.

Oct. 28, 2013, 6:16 p.m.

Central Oregon Museum Announces Death Of Beloved River Otter

A 16-year old Northern river otter at Central Oregon’s High Desert Museum has died. Museum staff say the animal they called Thomas died of old age.

Sept. 18, 2013, 7:14 a.m.

Lower Klamath Refuge To Receive Water Early

The pumps are being primed to deliver water from Tule Lake to Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge starting Wednesday. Since this is the refuge’s driest year since the 1940s, every drop counts.

Sept. 11, 2013, 10:03 p.m.

Wind Farms Responsible For Dozens Of Eagle Deaths

Wind energy facilities have killed at least 67 golden and bald eagles in the last five years, but the figure could be much higher, according to a new scientific study by government biologists.

Sept. 11, 2013, 4:58 p.m.

You Could Read About Six-Pack Rings ... Or Laugh At This Video

After decades of studies and public-awareness campaigns on the environmental threats of plastic six-pack rings, the YouTube humor channel, Official Comedy, offers this take on the deadly impact of a casually disposed of six-pack ring.

Aug. 28, 2013, 7:29 a.m.

Livestock Depredation Continues In Imnaha, Umatilla River Wolf Packs

A pair of Eastern Oregon wolf packs are nearing the threshold for lethal management as they continue to prey on livestock in Umatilla and Wallowa counties.

Aug. 23, 2013, 1:51 p.m.

Fairgoers Learn Which Fish, Wildlife Belong In Oregon And Which Don't

An Oregon wildlife agency wants state fairgoers to learn which fish and animals belong here -- and which ones don't.

July 30, 2013, 10:07 p.m.

Oregon Zoo Polar Bears Help Climate Change Researchers

Two polar bears at the Oregon Zoo are helping researchers at the U.S. Geological Survey study how climate change is affecting wild polar bears in the Arctic.

July 30, 2013, 1:54 p.m.

Photo Shows How Quickly A Wolf Pack Forms

What started out this year as the discovery of two wolves has now multiplied into a pack, thanks to the recent birth of their three pups -- and possibly more.

July 12, 2013, 1:56 p.m.

Wolf-Take Rules On Oregon's Books Again

The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission approved a plan Friday to allow enforcement officers to once again kill wolves preying on livestock.

June 6, 2013, 9:05 a.m.

Ore. Forestry Board Looks For More From Forests

The Oregon Board of Forestry has taken on a tough job: figuring out how to produce more logs as well as better fish and wildlife habitat through logging on state forests.

May 16, 2013, 4:14 p.m.

Relocated Deer Adapt To New Home Near The Columbia River

Wildlife managers say four dozen endangered Columbian white-tailed deer that were moved from a refuge near Cathlamet earlier this year are adapting to new surroundings in southwest Washington.

May 15, 2013, 7:45 a.m.

SW Idaho Officials Refuse To Enforce Lake Lowell limits

Southwest Idaho officials say they will not use local law resources to enforce on-water regulations that might be enacted by federal authorities on Lake Lowell at the Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge.

April 26, 2013, 11:54 a.m.

Court Tosses Agreement Over Rare Forest Species

A federal appeals court has thrown out an agreement between environmentalists and the federal government that restored protections for rare species in old growth forests.

April 10, 2013, 12:27 p.m.

Wildlife Managers Updating Idaho's Elk Plan, Seek Input Online

Idaho Fish and Game is rewriting its plan to manage the state's elk population. That plan was last updated in 1997. The agency will host two online chats Wednesday and Thursday to hear from state residents.

March 18, 2013, 7:19 a.m.

New Plan Seeks Wildlife-Recreation Balance At Idaho's Deer Flat Refuge

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has released a new draft plan for proposed changes at the Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge in southwest Idaho.

Nov. 21, 2012, 11:32 a.m.

Bedraggled Moose Worries North Idaho Residents

Northern Idaho officials say they will allow nature to takes its course concerning a cow moose that has triggered hundreds of calls from residents concerned about the moose's cumulative injuries.

Sept. 6, 2012, 4 p.m.

Unexplained Hoof Disease Spreads Quickly In Washington Elk

An unexplained disease is causing hoof deformities in elk in southwest Washington -- and the state's wildlife veterinarian says the disease is spreading quickly into new herds.

Aug. 24, 2012, 5:07 p.m.

Idaho Wildlife Summit Seeks Answers to Future Problems

Idaho's first ever [Wildlife Summit]( "") is happening this weekend. It's a three day public discussion over the future of wildlife management in the state. Idaho Fish and Game Director Virgil Moore says the big issue is over money.

Aug. 10, 2012, 9:01 a.m.

Tangled Ospreys Fly Free

Ospreys build nests and lay eggs each spring. They often pick up baling twine to use in their nests. For some of these raptors and their fledglings that get entangled, it's a fatal nest-building material.

July 31, 2012, 12:49 p.m.

EPA Begins Phasing Out Toxic Pesticide, Endosulfan

Starting Wednesday, the Environmental Protection Agency will begin gradually phasing out the pesticide [endosulfan]( ""). For many farmers in Oregon, including Christmas tree growers, the chemical was both cheap and effective. But it also put wildlife and the health of agricultural workers at risk.

July 15, 2012, 5:38 p.m.

Wildfires Leave Wake Of Damage For Wildlife

The loss of livestock and other personal property are biggest concerns surrounding the huge fires that raged in southeastern Oregon. But the damage is also taking a toll on habitat for the already-dwindling population of sage grouse and other wildlife.

May 24, 2012, 9:53 a.m.

Cougar in Western Wash. Reluctant To Leave Trap

EVERETT, Wash. — Washington wildlife agents were ready to release a captured cougar back into the wild northeast of Arlington, but it didn't want to go.

May 24, 2012, 9:09 a.m.

Oregon Dog Caught In Trap Dies

BEND, Ore. — An Oregon dog whose spine was damaged in a trap and who became a symbol of a push to tighten state trapping rules has been euthanized.

May 24, 2012, 9:05 a.m.

'Hair Of Bear' Grizzly Count In Idaho, Montana

BILLINGS, Mont. -— Researchers are starting a "hair of the bear" study of grizzlies along the Montana-Idaho border using bits of fur snagged on barbed wire traps to collect DNA on the animals.

May 20, 2012, 10:42 p.m.

In Ashland, A Crime Lab For 34,000 Species

ASHLAND, Ore. -- In a non-descript office complex, 25 scientists are equipped with some very high-tech machines and a colony of flesh-eating beetles. They are searching for evidence that will link human suspects to animal victims. The National Fish and Wildlife Forensics Lab is one of the driving forces in the fight against the trade of endangered species.

May 17, 2012, 3 p.m.

Your Weekly EarthFix: Derelict Vessels, Algae Blooms, Orcas and More

Get the latest on algae blooms, critters and climate change, orcas, water sharing in the Yakima valley and more. Host Ashley Ahearn talks with EarthFix's Derelict Vessel Diva Bonnie Stewart about the latest sunken vessel, which leaked 3,500 gallons of oil, costing one Puget Sound shellfisherman tens of thousands of dollars.

April 16, 2012, 10:47 a.m.

Mule Deer Suspected In Idaho Attack Killed

PRESTON, Idaho — An Idaho wildlife officer shot an aggressive mule deer buck that threatened a man and two children last week in southeastern Idaho and was suspected of attacking two others in the same area last fall.

Nov. 23, 2011, 7:35 a.m.

Federal Court Puts Yellowstone Grizzlies Back On Endangered List

BOISE – The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that grizzly bears in Yellowstone should be placed back on the Endangered Species List. The court upheld the regulatory process of delisting the bear but found fault with the federal government’s scientific conclusions.

Nov. 14, 2011, 6:26 p.m.

Antelope Ridge Wind Farm Strikes Wildlife Deal With Oregon

Oct. 4, 2011, 3 a.m.

Marbled Murrelet Will Make Do With Less Habitat

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Agency is lifting protection from about 190,000 acres of land in Northern California and Southern Oregon that was once considered critical habitat for an endangered seabird. The Agency says that extensive surveys showed that the marbled murrelet wasn't nesting in those areas.

Aug. 29, 2011, 1 a.m.

Capturing Sounds and Silence at Crater Lake

At Crater Lake National Park, it's not unusual to find a microphone and solar-powered recorder hidden in the wilderness. Scientists are creating a record of what they call the park's soundscape. They've captured everything from a tree falling in the forest to a mysterious annoyed badger. And they've shown that airplane noise is almost always present, even in the most remote places.