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OSU Receives $3 Million Grant To Design Ocean Research Vessels

Jan. 30, 2013 | OPB
Bonnie Stewart

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Oregon State University will take over operation of the R/V Oceanus and retire the Wecoma. | credit: photo courtesy of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution | rollover image for more

Oregon State University will soon have $3 million dollars from the National Science Foundation to design high-tech vessels for coastal research.

The plan is to place three high-tech vessels in the ocean. One on the West Coast. One on the East Coast. And one along the Gulf Coast.

OSU’s Demian Bailey said each vessel will give scientists highly accurate information about what’s going on in the ocean.

“It will be able to study ocean acidification, which researchers at OSU seem to be linking to climate change and increasing CO2 levels,” Bailey said.

A West Coast vessel also would be able to accurately measure ocean fault lines to help scientists predict tsunamis.

The team hopes to have the first vessel in the water by 2019.

To build and launch all three vessels will require securing a total of two-hundred-and-ninety-million dollars in grants over the next 10 years.

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